In the palace of Queen Elizabeth I, a wager of 50 pounds is proposed – a very worthy sum – riding upon the answer to a very worthy question: Can a play show us the very truth and nature of love? Enter struggling and penniless young playwright, Will Shakespeare – about to begin rehearsals for his latest – and as yet unwritten – play…Romeo, and Ethel The Pirate’s Daughter. Unfortunately, Will is suffering writer’s block – his words will not come – his mighty quill is broken – his well is dry. Enter Viola de Lesseps, a beautiful young noblewoman whose love of the theatre sparks in her a burning passion to tread the stage – a place forbidden to the women of her era. Not to be denied poetry, adventure and love, Viola disguises herself as a man, and finds herself caught up in the adventure of a lifetime. Shakespeare In Love is a joyous celebration of theatre and its power to transform – of genius as it bumbles towards brilliance – of the individual who courageously struggles against the tide of outside influence to become master of their own life – and above all, of love – the very truth and nature of which it might just be possible to be shown in a play.

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