Theatre I is designed to familiarize students with the technical, performance and historical aspects of the theatre. Part of the course will concentrate on the listening and communication skills necessary to develop the actor within and creating a safe environment in which each student can explore freely. Other components of the course will concentrate on introducing the student to the technical requirements of putting on a play. Some of the activities students will participate in will include improvisation; monologue and scene performance; basic set design, make-up and costuming technique, lighting for the stage, text analysis and the role theater plays in our society. 

Theatre II is designed an as intermediate level study of theatre arts. It uses individual and group assignments as well as ensemble productions to provide students hands-on experience in the world of theatre. Students will learn intermediate acting, technical theatre concepts, theatre vocabulary as well as theatre history.

Theatre III is designed for students with significant experience in theatre, and promotes depth of engagement and lifelong appreciation for theatre through a broad spectrum of teacher-assigned and self-directed study and performance. Students regularly reflect on aesthetics and issues related to and addressed through theatre, and create various aspects of theatre. 

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